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Physics on the New MCAT

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Physics on the new MCAT

Physics was 50% of the old MCAT’s physical science section. However, for the new MCAT, it has been deemphasized.

AAMC refocused MCAT towards medicine and everything related to it. The passages we find are no longer “purely” physics and chemistry, but rather medicine or research related passages with physics, biology, and chemistry questions.

Therefore, any physics concept that is relevant to medicine is a fair game for the test makers. Among these are: optics (relevant to our eyes), sounds (relevant to our ears, and ultrasound technology), fluids (relevant to the fluids in our body), and electricity and magnetism (relevant to the medical technology). While other chapters are still being tested, I would suggest focusing on the 4 topics listed above since they are more likely to appear on the test.


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