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Dealing with the biggest problem of MCAT 2015 prep.

MCAT is very different from most standardized tests out there. It is unlike GMAT, GRE or LSAT because it tests students on eight subjects. Yes, you are required to know and remember psychology, sociology, physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and verbal.

No wonder, so many of us feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start.

One of the biggest problems with studying for MCAT is retaining information that was learned. Imagine trying to recall a biology chapter you learned a month ago that was followed by rigorous learning of dozens more chapters in physics and chemistry.

How do you make sure that by the time you finish reviewing all of the material, most of it is still retained?

The two keys to effective retention of information are constant review, and mixed problems practice. Every night before you go to sleep, take an hour to review past material and go over your notes. Active reviewing, such as writing out formulas from memory, and trying to recall definitions and concepts is even better. As time goes by, your notebook of notes will get thicker and thicker. You don’t have to review all of the notes at the same time. Each evening choose a section to review, such as biochemistry and stick with it. If possible, repeat this procedure in the morning.

Each week, try to save half a day to do a mix of problems from the sections you have already mastered. This practice will ensure that all of the formulas and concepts are not forgotten.

Practice, and repetition do make perfect!


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