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MCAT 2015 on a budget

MCAT Tutor nyc

MCAT serves as one of the key factors for admission into medical school. It is no wonder students spend thousands of dollars on the prep material and tutoring. However, there is a lot of material available free of charge that we found to be extremely helpful.

For those of us on a budget, this is a guide for cheap and free MCAT 2015 prep material you can find!

1. Content Review Material

There is a great deal of free content that can be found online.

Khan Academy videos are not too long and go over all of the topics required for MCAT2015. The company collaborated with AAMC to create their MCAT content. Even though the content has not been written by AAMC, we can rest assured that it is very relevant to the new test.

Moof University videos review biochemistry really well and in a short period of time.And we all know how important biochemistry is for the new MCAT.

This youtuber has published a tremendous number of lectures on General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

The lectures are very, very long. However, he digests material in great detail, and makes it very understandable.

2. Practice Material

A. Khan Academy offers hundreds of free passages and freestanding questions. Even though, they are not written by AAMC, and cannot be taken to represent the actual exam, they are great to reviewing and learning new material. Passages can be found in the beginning of this page:

More questions can be found in the beginning of each section, when you click on the content videos.

3. Exams

A. Buying one Princeton review MCAT book, gives you an online access to 3 free exams.

C. Gold Standart has a free test here:

D. NextStepPrep offers a free diagnostic MCAT test as well:

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