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Best MCAT study spots in NYC

MCAT study spot

Finding a perfect MCAT study spot in NYC can be very, very tricky. Students get desperate, tourists get aggressive, and the next thing you know, you're buying a one way ticket to Texas.To escape this scenario, here is a list of possible study spots in Manhattan.

1.New York Public Library These are free and quite. Some of the libraries I like are SASB and Jefferson.To find a library near you just go to

2. Coffee Shops Where better to study for MCAT than a location that produces coffee? Some of my favorite spots are Gregorys coffee close to Baruch College and Starbucks on 45th and 6th ave.

3.Virtual Spaces You do have to pay for these, but these are offices and cubicles where you can study quietly for as long as needed. If financing is not a problem, google virtual offices in NYC to find a location near you.

If the location is not a problem, but you are still struggling with preparing for MCAT in NYC, contact Transformation Tutoring to find a perfect MCAT tutor in NewYork!



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