What fall is all about

fall pumpkins

I love fall. And I just realized that!

I always thought that fall was a dreadful, rainy season. But this year I realized there is much more to it!

I realized that the thought of pumpkins, and everything connected to them makes me excited: pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin chai to list a few. Fall is beautiful with its golden foliage. It is the season of boots; another plus!

Fall has Halloween, a holiday where we dress up and eat as much candy as we want. No wonder so many people choose fall as their favorite season.

And, even though, I often think that NY is too cold and California would be so much nicer, I love that I can actually see the season change.

Where did this excitement come from? Me, choosing a different perspective.

Finding joy is not so hard if that is what you’re looking for. A ray of sunshine. Peanut butter cookie. Hug. Halloween. Beautiful nature. Someone’s smile.

Yes, joy must come from within. It depends on our ability to find what makes us happy.