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New Year's vision

Every year, my friend Kat and I have a tradition. Right before the New Year, we take out our special yearly notebooks, reflect on the past year and write the goals for the New Year. We have columns for personal, career, and general. What we find inspirational or unfinished from the previous year gets carried over.

This process is not at all daunting, rather, it is so inspirational. We are proud of the achievements big and small from the previous year and visualize next steps towards our success.

Let’s see excerpts of my writing from previous years:

"December 25th, 2010 Career:


-don’t be afraid to take risks

- go only for those things you are or might be passionate about

- be confident

- do not settle in anything"

"Jan 16, 2011

Never loose hope, for it is the only thing that keeps us alive, striving towards progress, waiting for what is ahead, being excited for what the next day brings"

So grab a friend, get a nice notebook, and get inspired. Put your vision on paper. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which lead to positive results. Create your reality.


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