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Chemistry tutoring methods: General Chemistry

chemistry in the lab

Tutoring has been proven to be very successful in helping students achieve high grades in their General Chemistry classes.

General Chemistry is a problem based subject. Usually, 90% of the test questions involve problem solving and the rest is theory.

Therefore our tutoring involves a lot of practice. We do not believe in lectures or monologues. Student should be as involved as the tutor during the course of the session.

The session starts with the tutor giving a brief background on the topic to be learned. Then, the tutor proceeds to explain concepts, and give step by step guidance on how to solve each kind of problem. Questions are more than welcome during our sessions!

The most important part of the lesson is making sure that the student is able to do all the problems herself. That’s why we focus so much on giving the student problems and guiding her in the solution process until she can successfully solve them independently!

Repetition is key as well. So we make sure to go over multiple problems of the same kind.

Practice does make perfect, and we prove that during our chemistry tutoring lessons.



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