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How to prepare for chemistry regent exam.

To prepare for Chemistry Regents Exam all you need is two books. The first one is called Let's Review Chemistry: The Physical Setting by Barrons (High Marks book can be used as well). The second book is Barrons's Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry, the Physical Setting.

Like with any standardized exam, the key to acing Chemistry Regents lies in a lot of practice. First, a student should go over the chapters in the first book, mastering one chapter at a time. After reading a chapter, she should go over the end of the chapter questions and look at the answers and explanations for the questions she was not sure about. If she still feels uncertain, she can find more regent practice and explanations online on google or in youtube videos such as khan academy.

After most of the chapters have been mastered, its time to start practicing with real exams. Barrons's Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry, the Physical Setting offers real past exams with thorough explanations for each question. I recommend first checking answer and explanation after each question. As the student gets more comfortable with the test, she can take full sections and eventually full timed tests closer to the test date.

The key to topnotch practice is going over mistakes and understanding what the student did wrong and how to do it correctly next time.

Optimally, the student can start preparing from the beginning of the school year, but great results can be achieved with shorter prep time as well.

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