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How to ace General Chemistry at NYU

I graduated from NYU in 2010 with Honors in Chemistry and Psychology. My first encounter with chemistry was somewhat tough. Having never taken AP Chemistry at my high school, I found the few beginning weeks to be hard. However, as the time went on I learned exactly how to study for this class and ace it.

Most of the students at NYU will take Chemistry with Professor Halpin, who is a very sweet and caring professor. He was helpful during his office hours, and created notes for the students to help them learn better.


1. Your overall grade depends immensly on how well you do on the exams! Halpin provides packets of old exams. Do these thoroughly, if needed multiple times for the problems you didn't understand. Do not look at the answers before you do the problems. You can check the answer after each problem.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice! Halpin's packets, recitation problems, PTE problems, HW. The more you practice, and more different problems you do, the more prepared you will be for the tests.

3. Don't understand something? Google and youtube to find videos on how to do problems. Crazy, but it is so helpful. Even now, when I encounter a topic I do not understand well, I use google and youtube right away. Go to the professor's office hours. Form study groups! Get a great tutor familiar with NYU chemistry! (me?)

4. Read over Halpin's notes and do problems in them. These will be very helpful.

5. Do not wait until last minute to get help if you are struggling. Ask your friends who are doing well in the class or get a tutor. Chemistry is a tough subject, but it can and definitely will be aced with enough hard work, and the right guidance.

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