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College Admissions Planning

If your child is a sophomore or junior in High School, it i time to start preparing for college admissions. But how, when, and what?

Here is the tentative guideline for the college admission planning.

Spring and Summer of junior year


Create list of colleges you are interested in

Visit colleges you are interested in

Research their requirements

Ask counselors about scholarships available in La Guardia


Finalize college list

Make a timetable of all of the deadlines

Essay writing, start with the application

Campus visits

Apply to high school scholarships


Finish essays/applications and get letters of recommendation


Ask counselor to send transcripts to the colleges you apply for.

Finalize application completely, and send it by early december


File Fafsa as early as possible, and call colleges to make sure they received all parts of the application.

March and April

Should get the results late March and mid April.

For more help with college admissions or to find a college admissions counselor, please contact us here.

Our goal is to make sure that your child gets into the best college for him/her in the least stresful



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