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Organic Chemistry made easy

How does our tutoring make organic chemistry easier? We simplify the information and introduce our students to the tips and tricks to solve problems correctly.

This, of course needs to be based on a solid organic chemistry foundation.

We start of by teaching our organic chemistry students the basic topics such as arrow pushing, resonance, stereochemistry, and simple reactions. We then proceed to the more complicated material. Our chemistry lessons are based on a tutor showing the student examples and how to do them and then guiding the student to do problems on his or her own. We encourage as much practice as possible so that our students feel comfortable with a variety of problems and the way they are presented.

Organic chemistry has no math. We can compare it to the art of chemistry. It is full of puzzles and three dimensional molecules.

We introduce our students to the subject with joy and show why we love it so much. When preparing for MCAT, our pre-med students encounter organic chemistry once again. This time it is in the context of biological systems and medicine.

We love organic chemistry and want to share the passion for the subject with our students.

Are you ready to fall in love with organic chemistry?

If yes, call our expert organic chemistry tutors at 646-407-9078 and schedule a session in person or online.


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I tutor all levels of chemistry including general and organic chemistry.

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