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Organic Chemistry at NYU during summer

Taking Organic Chemistry during summer is sometimes a tough task but oftentime rewarding one. Most of the students who you will find taking the summer class with you, are either Post-Bac or undergraduate students retaking the class.

If you decide to take organic chemistry during the summer, you have to be prepared to work hard since the semester goes by in a matter of weeks. My students started second semester on monday and are taking their exam this thursday already (a week and a half gap). However, this has an upside. One summer, and you are done with Organic Chemistry completely.

The professor for the first summer semester at NYU changes from year to year. In the past few years, we had professors: Henssler, Mahal, and Tosovska. For the second summer semester, Professor Callahan has been teaching for a long time and therefore the second semester is more predictable. He starts the class with allylic reactions chapter and will end in sugar biochemistry.

Our best advice for Organic Chemistry Summer Course at NYU? A great organic chemistry tutor. There is no time to afford to not understand material and try to comprehend it on your own. A great tutor will explain multiple chapters in a matter of hours and will let you know what is important for the class.

To learn more about our amazing organic chemistry tutors, contact us or call 646-407-9078.


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