Being proactive even when its scary

Fear is one of the universal emotions. It underlies a lot of our behavior and it is very useful in allowing us to survive. Sometimes, though, it becomes a hindrance to our success.

One of our most common fears is the fear of rejection, be that rejection by a potential date, employer, or a graduate program we apply to. You know what is the worse thing you can do? Give into your fear and do nothing. It is better to try and fail than to never try. Through your tries, you will learn and become better and better until you reach your goal. Doing nothing just enforces your fear and makes you settle. It is much easier and more comfortable than taking a leap of faith.

And yes, it is easier for some people than others. Some are raised to be fearless, or are naturally great at it. BUT Most of us are not!

And it is scary to raise your hand in a 600 people lecture to ask a questions, but you know what? You will be so proud of yourself after!

And maybe it’s scary to appear not smart, or quirky, or weird by being proactive. BUT Who cares about what some people will think? Most will be impressed with how br