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Should I take AP Chemistry?

AP Chemistry is a college level course given in high school. A student takes AP exam in the beginning of May and gets a grade from 1-5. A grade of 4 or 5 is accepted in most colleges, and most of the time students are allowed to skip those subjects. AP Chemistry is equivalent to General Chemistry in college.

Who should take AP Chemistry?

If a student is considering a career in a health field, taking AP Chemistry will be very advantageous. Nursing, MD, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy all require at least 4 semesters of chemistry (General and Organic).

A high school AP class is usually given by a good teacher who explains well and therefore prepares you well for the college. I am so glad I took both AP Psychology and AP Calculus (AP Chemistry was not given in my high school).

Apart from prehealth interests, students who like chemistry or want to apply to selective colleges should take AP Chemistry as well. After an AP class, it is much easier to take SATII in that subject, and most colleges want to see that a student has at least one science or math SATII.

What will I learn in AP Chemistry?

A student will learn all of the topics he/she will learn during a General Chemistry course. These include but are not limited to: Naming, Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Solutions, Intermolecular Forces, and Periodic Trends.

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