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Radiologic Technologist on his way to becoming a PA

Scott Fiorini

I met Scott a couple of years ago for organic chemistry tutoring. He is a down to earth, humble, and very determined person who will make an amazing PA. I am so proud of him for overcoming his obstacles on his path to success and pursuing it with such a great passion!

Here is my interview with Scott! 1. How did you decide to become a PA? Was that your original plan or did you change it? My decision to become a PA was during my Emergency Room rotation as a student Radiologic Technologist. A patient came to the department after sustaining a finger laceration from a power tool. When bringing the patient back to Fast Track, I witness a clinician interpret the radiograph that I had taken. She then discussed the findings with the patient and performed the sutures. She went on to tell me that she was a PA and explained that PA’s practice medicine with lateral mobility in fields of medicine and attain equal autonomy in each field. I plan to utilize this unique ability and work primarily in Emergency Medicine with a secondary in Orthopedic Surgery. 2. What school did you get in? Was that your first choice? I am proud to say I will be attending Monmouth University which was my first choice. 3.What kind of obstacles did you encounter on your path and how did you overcome them? I faced a few obstacles during this process. One particular was the battle with organic chemistry. I was facing imminent failure at the beginning of the class. However, after finding Mayya the obstacle was overcome. She broke down the material given by my professor and even brought extra material to the table. My lecture grade raised by almost 20 points! And my lab final presentation received the highest score! 4.What helps you to manage your stress and stay motivated? The bigger picture. When I am stressed I envision myself as a PA preforming microsurgeries and treating my patients. I picture the smiles on the faces of the people I will help. The amount of school work and decreased time with friends and family will be stressful. I will manage it all because I know that hard work is a necessity to reach my goal. 5. What are the requirements for a PA program? Although there are no set pre-requisites for PA school in general, the scholastic requirements follow the pre-med route. With that, an applicant have: direct patient care exposure, a letter of recommendation from a PA, and a CASPA application.

6. What advice do you have for any students who want to pursue medicine? As a current Radiologic Technologist soon to be Physician Assistant student, I can tell you that medicine is multifaceted. If you are a parent reading this for your child, a current student, or a post graduate just know that anything in medicine is attainable. My advice is to shadow or volunteer at the local hospital in your neighborhood. Expose yourself to the wide field of medicine and you


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