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Biochemistry: what is it all about

Biochemistry is taken during a college student's junior or senior year after successfully passing general chemistry and organic chemistry.

As we can see from the name, biochemistry encompasses in itself both chemistry and biology.

What kind of topics are covered in biochemistry?

In this class, students will learn different pathways such as glycolysis and gluconeogenesis in great detail. The reactions for these pathways are organic reactions, and it is here, where familiarity with organic chemistry will come in handy.

Student's will also learn about enzymes and the kinetics of their work. They will get familiarized with sugars and proteins and how they work in human body.

Finally, students will learn different biochemical lab techniques and their applications.

This class is extremely useful for the new MCAT since the test now places a great emphasis on biochemistry in both biological and physical sections.

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