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Helpful Tips for Biology Studying

1. Draw Everything

When it comes to biology, colored pens are your best friends. Make diagrams and draw pictures such as steps of mitosis, or the flow of blood in human body. They will definitely help you to understand and remember information better.

2. Watch Videos

If you don't understand a topic, Youtube it or watch a Khan Academy video. These videos are so helpful and break down hard concepts in easy ways. Don't understand the video? Find another one that you do understand!

3. Practice Problems

Many students study for biology by reading the book and memorizing terms. However, this will not lead to success. Practice is essential. Do as many problems as you can especially focusing on any problems or exams your teacher gives you. If the teacher doesn't give you any problems, find your own. Use your textbook question bank and any other sources you can find!

4. Hire a biology tutor

A great biology tutor will make your life much easier by breaking down all of the hard concepts into easy steps and prepping you for the exams. It is definitely a worthwhile investment for a motivated student.

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