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Making science tutoring fun

Many students start having anxiety attacks just at the words: chemistry, biology, physics. It is a job of a tutor to ease the anxiety and make these subjects fun!

But how?

First, demystifying the subject, and breaking complicated problems and topics into easy steps will help a student see that its not as bad as it looks.

Next I use humor to make our sessions more fun. That's not hard to do with my accent. Showing how the topics are relevant to real life also makes the subject very interesting. Whenever I explain nuclear chemistry, I talk about Chernobyl, and for acids/bases topic I mention one of strongest acids that's located in our stomach.

Finally, supporting and encouraging students every step of the way is important.

For help with chemistry, biology or physics, contact Transformation Tutoring to get in touch with an amazing tutor who will help you succeed in the class.


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