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How do I recognize a strong acid?

You are doing acids/bases problems. You see a formula and wonder: How do I know if this is an acid and if it's strong or weak?

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Let's begin by figuring out what is an acid. Then we will see the difference between strong and weak acids.

There are 2 basic definitions of acids. According to Arrhenius theory, acid gives off Hydrogen ions (H+, also called protons) when dissolved in water. Bronsted-Lowry defined acid to be a proton donor ( pretty much same thing but without the need for water).

So what do acids do? Willingly give off their H's in the form of H+ ions (hydrogen ions also called protons).

A strong acid dissociates completely. If we take 5 moles of HCl and put it into water, it will break down completely to give 5moles of H+ ions and 5 moles of Cl- ions. A weak acid holds on to its proton more and is not as willing to give it up. So only a small part of it will dissociate.

Finally how do i know if my acid is strong? All you need to do is memorize all the strong acids. There are only 7 of them! Here is the list: HI, HCl, HBr, HNO3, HClO4, HClO3, H2SO4.

If you have an acid, and it's not one of these, it's not strong!

How do you know if you have an acid to begin with? Look out for H in front of the formula such as HF, or anything that has COOH in the formula (this is a weak organic acid).

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