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The magic of now

We look towards past and future, constantly thinking about our next move and often forgetting to take notice of the present. The past is behind us, and future is not yet here, and the only thing we do have is the present.

What is present, and how can we notice it?

As you walk out of your home today, take a moment to feel the wind on your skin, to marvel at the sight of beauty of nature around you, and to follow your breath from the inhale to exhale. Take a notice of how amazing it is to hear, walk, and see. Make sure that you do something you love for at least one hour each day.

Our goal today is simple and yet complicated, to be happy. And happiness starts with the appreciation of everything we have and were so generously given. If we will be more like children, we will be amazed at the sight of anything and everything, happy in our present. The magic of NOW is undeniable for it is tangibly the only thing we have.


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