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5 reasons for why Organic Chemistry is so fun!

While organic chemistry is extremely difficult and at times seems like learning a foreign language, it is nevertheless FUN.

Here are the top five reasons for loving your organic chemistry class.

1. No Math!

Gone are the days of graphing calculators and 10 digit numbers. Organic chemistry has nearly no math throughout the whole duration of both semesters.

2. I love puzzles!

If you enjoy puzzles, you will enjoy synthesis. It reminds me of playing a chess game and thinking about 5 steps ahead of time.

3. The molecules are fun to draw!

In what other science can I draw an actual molecule that looks like a person or a house?

4. You are encouraged to use colored pens!

Color is your friend. You can draw our different pathways and bonds using different colors. Who doesn't like using their gel pens?

5. If you get a good grade in orgo, you will feel like the smartest person on planet.

And maybe universe! It's considered a very challenging class, and conquering it feels amazing to say the least!

What are you reasons for loving Organic Chemistry?


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