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How to apply to medical schools

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This is a short guide on applying to medical schools.

1. You will use the AAMC’s centralized application service, called AMCAS. The application will be open generally from the first week of May for the following year's medical students and you can start submitting your applications first week of June. For public medical schools in Texas, TMDSAS will be used, and for DO schools applications will have to apply through


2. Secondary applications

Many schools will request additional information in the form of additional essays, letters of recommendation or other forms to fill out. These requirements will vary by school.You will begin receiving secondary applications shortly after you submit your AMCAS. Try to return these within a few weeks. This will increase your chances of getting an early interview slot.

3. Medical Schools will ask candidates to interview with them in the months from October to March and acceptances will be given in the months from October until May.

Good Luck on your path to medical school!

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