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In solid methane, the forces between the neighboring CH4 molecules are best characterized as

In solid methane, the forces between the neighboring CH4 molecules are best characterized as

a. ionic

b. covalent

c. hydrogen

d. ion-ion

e. London (dispersion) forces

Answer and Explanation:

In order for us to identify the type of correct intermolecular forces, we need to first identify what kind of molecule CH4 is.

Ionic forces are present in ionic compounds. Ionic compounds have a metal with a nonmetal or a metal with a polyatomic ion. In CH4, both atoms are nonmetals (covalent), and therefore it is not an ionic compound. Covalent bonds are actual bonds between the atoms of a molecule and are not intermolecular forces.

Hydrogen bonds are intermolecular forces present in molecules that have OH, NH, or FH.

Ion-ion forces are the intermolecular forces between different ions, and therefore wrong answer choice.

This leaves us with London (dispersion) forces which are present in all molecules and is the only force in non polar molecules. Choice E is the correct answer.

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