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Can Transplanting Pig Organs Into Humans Become Possible?

Medicine and science are advancing. The idea of pig organs for humans transplants was tested in 1990s when it was discovered that hidden in pig DNA were genes for viruses that resembled those causing leukemia in monkeys. Thus, pig cells grown next to human cells infected human cells with their retroviruses and posed a great danger to the humans.

A major breakthrough has been done in the experiments, reported in the journal Science. Researchers were able to edit genes and get rid of retroviruses, raising healthy piglets. Also, it has been discovered that carbohydrates on the surface of pig cells trigger human immune response and mark these cells as dangerous. Scientists were able to successfully eliminate carbohydrate producing genes and therefore create pig cells that do not present carbohydrates on their surface.

Pig matter is already used in human heart valves and skin restoration. Perhaps, in 20 years pig organs will be able to make good transplants in a breakthrough point in medicine.

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