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Practice makes perfect

Many students oftentimes are not sure what their strategy should be for studying for standardized exams, science and math classes. My answer is always practice, practice and practice more.

A student should practice all the quizzes, tests, HW and classwork problems the teacher gave, as well as end of the chapter problems. For standardized tests, use different sources for practice to see different wording of questions on the same topic. Pay most attention to the practice sources that come from the company that actually makes the test you would take, such as College Board for SAT, and AAMC for MCAT.

When practicing, go one problem at a time. Do the problem by yourself and then look at the answer and solutions to learn from it and your mistakes. Never look at the answer first. It might give you a false assurance that you know how to do the problem without doing it.

For more practice, form study groups. Teach topics and problems to your fellow classmates. Teaching is the best way to learn material well.

At Transformation Tutoring we strongly believe that practice does make perfect!

Our amazing tutors are here to help you with any of you science and math class as well as standardized exams!


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