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Leafs and roots

A long time ago, there lived a rich man who had a shop. Every month he would send money to his parents, and even presents on holidays. However, no matter how much they asked him to come visit, he never did. He was always so busy with working and seeing his friends, and so he never had time to come home.

One day, this man's shop burned down. All of his products and everything he had, burned down with the store. This was a very sad time. This man decided to built a new store and needed to borrow money for it. He went to the bank but the bank refused to give it to him. His friends also turned away.

Then he received a letter from him father telling him that he heard about his misfortunes and wants him to come back home. The man decided to finally visit home and arrived to see his parents. His parents were so happy to see him! His mom started cooking and taking care of him, and his dad brought a big bag. When his dad opened the bag, it was full of money. He said: "My son, this is the money you have sent us over all these years. Don't worry about us, we don't need much. Just don't forget that we are your roots, and come to us often."

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