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NYU medical school admissions statistics 2016-2017

NYU Medical School Statistics for matriculated students in the recent 2016-2017 class.

Average GPA: 3.87

Median GPA: 3.93

Average MCAT score: 519

Median MCAT score: 521

MCAT scores are considered only from three years prior to the matriculation date. Therefore, if you took MCAT over 3 years ago, you will need to retake it.

Student composition:

50% men and 50% women

22% of admitted students were underrepresented minorities, 37% were in-state students and 67% were out-of-state students.

Pre-med coursework recommended:

1. General biology with lab

2. General chemistry with lab

3. Organic chemistry with lab

4. Physics with lab

5. Biochemistry with lab

6. Genetics

7. English

8. Statistics

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