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Free resources for MCAT

We are ready to share some excellent free resources for MCAT studying.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy collaborated with AAMC to make their videos and content for the MCAT. You will be able to find videos on every topic covered on the MCAT for every section as well as passages and questions for practice. Many of our students enjoy learning from Khan academy videos and doing their passages. To find the content you can simply search for MCAT on the Khan academy website.


This website has an outline from the AAMC of each and every section that can be expanded to find all the answers, formulas and theories. This serves as a great resource for all of our students in preparing for the test.


While most resources on the AAMC website have to be purchased (and definitely should be purchased as this is the official test maker), there is one section that is free and consists of MCAT Mini-Test e-Book that has 12 sample questions and answers (three questions in each of the four new sections of the MCAT exam). This book can be downloaded when you click on practice for the MCAT on AAMC website and scroll to the bottom right corner.

Good luck to all of our students taking MCAT!

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