How to manage times during midterms?

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Midterm exams are here and so is the lack of sleep and time crunch. Many students have a very hard time navigating through the midterms, and know how to prepare for multiple exams at the same time. How should students prepare for midterms and not be too overwhelmed.

Transformation Tutoring is here to share our tips and trick.

1. Make a to do list for every subject. In your list write all the things you want to finish to prepare for your exams well. Include things such as : redo quizzes, finish HW's, practice past exams, redo classwork problems, memorize definitions etc. Practice really prepares you well for the exams. The more different practice you do, the better!

2. Every day make a to do list in the morning incorporating activities from your main list. Cross them out as you complete these tasks and it will give you a great sense of satisfaction!

3. Order the tasks in priority. Make sure to be able to finish the most important tasks in time! Make notes on the problems you got wrong and why. Learn from your mistakes.

4. Give yourself rewards and breaks for accomplished tasks. Take 15 minute breaks after each task. It is not about how many hours your study for but rather how effective your studying is.