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Online Chemistry Tutoring Sessions

online chemistry tutor

Some students may be apprehensive about online versus in person tutoring. Transformation Tutoring is here to explain how our online tutoring works and what are some of its advantages.

We use a whiteboard for our online tutoring as well as video conference. Our students can see us talk to us and and we can see our students and talk back. The whiteboard allows a tutor to draw and write and show how to do problems to the students online. We can also upload pictures and problems onto the whiteboard and write on and around them. Our students can also draw and write on the whiteboard or show their work via the video, or send us pictures. Our students send us the problems they would like to go over prior to the lesson so that we use and upload them during the session.

Now that we know the basics of online tutoring, here are some of the advantages of online tutoring:

1. Get tutored almost anytime. While in-person tutoring is generally limited to work hours, online tutoring is much more flexible with more early morning or later evening hours as well as weekends.

2. Save traveling time. Meeting with a tutor is very time consuming. Think about all that time spent on trains and buses coming to meet with the tutor and going back, as well as commuting expenses. Students don't have time to meet with their very busy schedules. Online tutoring cuts out that wasted time.

3. Online tutoring is very comfortable. Students can stay in the convenience of their home and be comfortable. They can even wear pajamas while being tutored.

4. Get access to the top tutors not in your region. Online tutoring provides an advantage of getting the best tutors even if they are not in the geographical region near you. We have many students in different states working with us.

At Transformation Tutoring, our chemistry, biology and math tutors deliver both online and in-person tutoring in Brooklyn, and NYC. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about online tutoring. We welcome you to talk to one of our amazing chemistry tutors today by calling 646-407-9078.


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