Helpful tricks and tips for organic chemistry

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Organic chemistry is a difficult class that more pre-health students are required to take. While, it has no math, it involves a lot of logic and understanding. At Transformation Tutoring, organic chemistry is one of our favorite subjects to tutor. Here are some tips and tricks for studying organic chemistry well, and making learning easier.

1. Practice using various sources. The more different problems a student practices, the more equipped he/she will be in handling any organic chemistry question on the test. A student can do recitation problems, textbook problems, past exams and other sources for best results.

2. Count the carbons. Many students make the mistake of losing carbons in their mechanism. Therefore, it is very important to always count carbons, and even number carbons for best results. Organic molecules are often very big and complicated, and its easy to lose track of carbons without numbering.