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How to succeed in general chemistry class

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Many students are required to take general chemistry if they are on pre-health track. So for those who will be future doctors, nurses, PA's, pharmacists and veterinarians, general chemistry is a must.

At Transformation Tutoring we love general chemistry and have prepared tips and ticks to help you succeed in the class.

1. Watch out for units. First, a student must always include units when doing calculations to make sure that everything is being solved correctly. Secondly, even when the formula is forgotten, units will help the student to figure out what he/she must do. For example, if density is given in grams/L, and number of ml is given as well while the question asks for mass in kg, what do we do? Well, from looking at the units, the student will realize that ml need to be converted to liters first. Then, density can be multiplied by volume in liters so that L units will cancel, and only gram units will remain. Finally, grams can be converted to kilograms and voila, the problem is solved.

2. Write out many digits to make calculations more precise. Professors often require students to use significant figures in their calculations. Rounding too much might result in an error. Therefore, write out at least 4 digits after the decimal points for the most precise calculations.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Practice as many general chemistry problems as you can: homework's, past exams, past quizzes, in chapter and end of chapter problems. The more practice a student does, the more prepared he/she will be for the exam. When practicing, it is important to go through the answers and explanations of the problems that were not solved correctly. The student must make sure that she understands why the problem was solved incorrectly and how to do it correctly next time.

4. Study consistently every day. Many students wait until last minute to start cramming. That is the biggest mistake one can make. Make sure to practice every day and not to fall behind. If needed, go to the professor's office hours or hire a tutor. Just don't wait until last minute to study.

At Transformation tutoring, we love tutoring general chemistry and helping our students succeed. Call us today at 646-407-9078 and get connected to one of our incredible chemistry tutors. Our tutors are graduates of top colleges such as NYU and Harvard with may years of experience.


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