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Free preparation for Chemistry Regent Exam

All students in public schools in New York state are required to take Regents. Chemistry regent is a three hour test that consists of 85 questions, 50 of which are multiple choice and the rest are short responses. Chemistry regent covers the topics of: Atomic Concepts, Periodic Table, Moles/Stoichiometry, Chemical Bonding, Physical Behavior of Matter, Kinetics/Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry, Oxidation-Reduction, Acids, Bases and Salts and Nuclear Chemistry. To review these topics students can go to online sources such as Khan Academy.

At Transformation Tutoring we recommend for our students to prepare for the Chemistry Regent as well as any other Regent by doing official past tests. The student can access free chemistry regents tests by going to This website also provides the answer key and acceptable responses for the short answer questions.

We believe, that since Regents are standardized tests, practice does make perfect. We always encourage our students to practice the tests and learn from their mistakes. We also encourage students to take practice tests under times conditions and score themselves to see what score to expect on the actual test.

We love chemistry and love sharing our passion for education with our students.

Our amazing chemistry tutors are available for tutoring sessions in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and online. Please call 646-407-9078 to schedule your chemistry tutoring session or simply ask us for advice.



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