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All you need to know about the chemistry regent test

Chemistry regent in approaching. This year, it will be administered on June 25, 2019 at 9 am.

Format: The test consists of fifty multiple choice questions and thirty-five short response questions.

Score conversion: There is a score conversion for every Chemistry Regent administered. For example for June 2012 test, a student got got 1 answer wrong would get 98, 10 answers wrong would be 86, and 36 answers wrong would pass with a 65.

Test topics: Matter and its properties, atomic concepts, periodic table and trends, formulas and names, stoichiometry, bonding, heat and temperature, kinetics and equilibrium, water and solutions, acids and bases, organic chemistry, phases and gases, electrochemistry.

Best way to prepare: The best way to prepare for the Chemistry Regent is to do the official tests and go over the answers you got wrong or were not sure about.

You can find free official regent exams:

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