How to effectively manage time when preparing for exams?

MCAT tutor NYC

Managing time effectively is an amazing skill that every student should possess. While attending college and throughout my tutoring career, I often heard students talking about the numerous hours spent preparing for examinations. It is a common occurrence for students to pull all nighters and study all day straight with barely any breaks.

At Transformation Tutoring, we believe that what is most important is not how many hours you study but the effectiveness of your time spent studying. Why? We have a limited attention span. Studying for many hours without any breaks is not as effective since it will lead to a loss of focus.

Here are five ways to improve your studying habits and prepare for the tests efficiently:

1. Make a priority to-do list. On this list, you can add items that need to be done in order of priority.

For example, for a chemistry test the list might look like: 1. Go over the first practice exam 2. Go over the second practice exam 3. redo quizzes 4. redo HW1,2,3

Place check a mark or cross out the items you are done with as your studying progresses. This becomes a very fun and exciting process!

2. Take breaks.

Breaks are important for letting your brain rest and re-energize. Take a walk, have a snack, drink water. Breaks are necessary. Whenever I study, I like to take a 15 minute break after every hour of studying. You know yourself best. I do not suggest studying for more than three hours without any breaks.

3. Start studying early.

This ensures that you do not have to cram all the information last minute. Practice every day. Do your HW on time. You will prepare yourself for your class and exam.