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How to use Table G on the chemistry regent?

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Reference table on Chemistry regent is your very best friend. It has the answer to probably around 80% of the questions asked. Today, we will go over understanding how to use table G and what kind of information it contains.

Table G is titled as Solubility Curves at Standard Pressure. The x-axis title is Temperature and the y-axis is Solubility (g solute/100. g H2O). This chart shows us how much of each substance dissolves in 100g of water, emphasis on 100 grams, at different temperatures.

For example, looking at the curve of SO2, we can see that at 20C about 10 grams of it will dissolve in 100 grams of water (by finding 20C on the x-axis and brining our finger up until we reach SO2 curve). How much would dissolve in 200 grams of water? Twice as much! And in 50 grams of water? We need to half the amount. Please pay attention to the way question is phrased so that you do not forget to double or half if necessary.

Furthermore, the curve can show is whether a solution is unsaturated (more solute can dissolve), saturated (maximum amount of solute has dissolved), or supersaturated (more than the maximum amount of solute has been dissolved). If the point is below the curve, the solution is unsaturated. If the point is on the curve, the solution is saturated, and if the point is above the curve the solution is saturated. Let's see an example. Lets say that 10g on NH3 were dissolved in 100 g of water at 70C. If we find the point for 70C and 10g, and look at its relationship to the NH3 curve, we see that it is below the curve. Therefore, this solution is unsaturated.

Finally, this solubility curve can show us whether solubility increases or decreases with temperature for different substances. For example, as the temperature increases, the solubility of SO2 decreases.

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