If g(x)= 􏰁-4x^2-3x+2, determine g(􏰁-2)?

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If g(x)= 􏰁-4x^2-3x+2, determine g(􏰁-2)?

Algebra 1, August 2019 Regent exam

Answer and Explanation:

We have a function g of x, where x can be any number or variable. To calculate g(􏰁-2), all we need to do is to plug in -2 in the equation everywhere we see x.

Therefore, this equation becomes g(-2)= -􏰁4(-2)^2-3(-2)+2 = -4(4)+6+2= -8

The answer for this problem is -8

Hint: Every time we have a function such as g(x) and are asked to calculate g of something, we just plug that something instead of x.