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The processes of diffusion and active transport are both used to

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The processes of diffusion and active transport are both used to

  1. break down molecules to release energy

  2. move molecules into or out of cells of the body

  3. bring molecules into cells when they are more concentrated outside of the cell

  4. move molecules against a concentration gradient, using ATP molecules

Answer: Choice 2 is the correct answer

Explanation: Diffusion is the passive movement of particles from the area of higher concentration to the area of lower concentration. This change in concentration is called concentration gradient. Diffusion is a passive process and does not require energy. Active transport is the movement of particles from lower concentration to higher concentration. Therefore particles move against the concentration gradient. Active transport requires energy to occur.

Choice 3 describes diffusion only. Choice 4 describes active transport only. Choice 1, breaking down molecules to release energy, is not connected to the transport. Therefore, choice 2 is the correct answer since it describes both diffusion and active transport.

This is a question from January 2018 Biology Regent

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