How To Ace Your Organic Chemistry Class?

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Organic chemistry is notorious for being one of the hardest subjects in college. Don't panic though. Here is a list of how to best study and ace your organic chemistry class.

1. Read the chapter, paying most attention to the in chapter problems. Some students even skip reading the chapter since problems practicing is most important for organic chemistry. You can try to do the in-chapter problems on your own and then check with the answers to make sure you did it correctly.

2. Go over classwork and HW problems. Practice is of outmost importance in organic chemistry. Practice problems from classwork, HW, and end of chapter every day. Practice will make it easier for you to remember reactions and reagents and be prepared for any tricky problems you get on your test.

3. Use multiple studying sources.

Many students find "Orgo As A Second Language" by David Klein to be particularly helpful. We also recommend watching youtube videos, such as Khan Academy for any topic you didn't fully understand.

4. Form study groups. Study groups are excellent when it comes to organic chemistry classes. We recommend a study group of 2-4 people. When you teach someone, it is the best way to learn and understand material.

5. Use colored pens. Organic chemistry can be confusing. Using different colors allows you to see the mechanisms and reactions more clearly.