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34 What is the formula for iron(II) oxide?(1) FeO (2) FeO2(3) Fe2O (4) Fe2O3Solution: This com

January 2019 NY Regents Chemistry Exam

34 What is the formula for iron(II) oxide?

(1) FeO

(2) FeO2 (3) Fe2O

(4) Fe2O3

Solution: This compound consists of a metal (iron) with a nonmetal (oxygen). The roman number represents the oxidation number (charge) of iron. The oxidation number of oxygen is on the Periodic Table and is -2.

Each element gives the oxidation number to its' partner for the correct formula.

Fe^2+ O^2-

Fe2O2 = Fe1O1 or FeO

Answer: 1

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