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How To Write Lewis Dot Structures With Examples H2O2, N2H4, CH3OH

Write Lewis structures for these compounds. Show all valence electrons. None of them contains a ring of atoms.

(a) Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 (b) Hydrazine, N2H4 (c) Methanol, CH3OH

Lewis Dot Structures Rules

  1. Calculate the total number of valence electrons in a molecule (group number = number of valence electrons)

  2. Draw our your molecule and put lines between atoms (bonds)

  3. Subtract electrons used in bonds (2 electrons per bond) from the total number of valence electrons

  4. Use the remaining electrons to make outer atoms happy (octet). Keep in mind hydrogen only wants 2 electrons If there are any electrons left, place them on the central atom.

  5. Check if everyone is happy(octet). If not use double and triple bonds.

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