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Regents Chemistry Review By Topic: Gases

Gases have no definite volume or shape.

The equation we will need to use for gas calculations can be found on Table T of the Reference Table.

We use this equation when either pressure, volume or temperature (or all of them) change. If one of the variables stays constant, we do not have to include it in the equation. For example, if temperature is constant, our equation becomes P1V1= P2V2

STP = stands for Standard Temperature and Pressure. These values can be found in Table A. A question might state that the gas was at STP which means we automatically know the temperature and pressure based on Table A.

Kinetic Molecular Theory of Ideal Gases

  1. Gas particles have negligible volume.

  2. The gas particles are in continuous random motion and move in straight lines.

  3. No forces of attraction or repulsion are considered to exist between the particles.

  4. Collisions of gas particles may transfer energy from one particle to another, but the total kinetic energy remains the same.

Facts To Memorize:

  • Real gas is most like ideal gas at high temperature and low pressure

  • Gases with the same pressure, temperature and volume have the same number of molecules.

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