Organic Chemistry Textbook Video And Notes Guide

Are you spending hours going through the organic chemistry textbook struggling to understand the topics and do practice problems? After tutoring hundreds of students,  I came up with a new series of guides and videos to help you ace your class. The guides are written out notes from the book chapter with the main ideas and my tips and tricks.

In the videos I guide you through each book chapter including in chapter examples. I give tricks and tips as well as step by step guides on how to solve problems. My videos are specific to your textbook. You no longer have to sift through different videos on different topics to find what you are learning. 

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Chapter 1: Covalent Bonding And Shapes Of Molecules

In chapter 1 outline of the Organic Chemistry textbook (William H. Brown , Brent L. Iverson, Eric Anslyn) , we go over general chemistry topics that are relevant to the organic chemistry such as Lewis dot structures, formal charges, shapes, polar versus non polar molecules and bonds. We also learn about hybridization and molecular orbital theory.

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Chapter 2: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes

In chapter 2, we learn some of the organic chemistry foundations such as naming alkanes using the IUPAC system, drawing Newman projections, and drawing chair conformations of cyclohexane.

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Chapter 3

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