A piece of silver metal

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A piece of silver metal weighting 194.3g is placed in a graduated cylinder containing 242.0 ml of water. The volume of water now reads 260.5 ml. Calculate the density of silver.

Solution: First we must write the formula for density. Density = mass/volume

Now, let's figure out if we have all of the components for our equation. We do have the weight or mass of silver metal, 194.3 g. But we need to calculate volume of the metal. We know that initially volume in cylinder was 242 ml and when silver metal was placed in the cylinder, the volume increased to 260.5 ml. Therefore, to find the volume of metal we do a simple subtraction: 260.5 ml- 242.0ml = 18.5 ml

Now we can just plug and chug. Density= 194.3g/18.5ml = 10.5027 g/ml = 10.50 g/ml

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