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Which compound is saturated?

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Which compound is saturated?

(1) butane

(2) ethene

(3) heptene

(4) pentyne

Answer and explanation:

In organic chemistry, a saturated compound is the one with all single bond. In the Reference Table, table Q, major compound types are listed and are divided into classes of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. Alkenes are hydrocarbons that have a double bond, and their name ends in "ene." Alkynes are hydrocarbons that have a triple bond, and their name ends in "yne." Alkanes have only single bonds and their name ends in "ane." Saturated compounds are those with only single bonds, and therefore alkanes are saturated. If we take a look at the names in the answer choices we can quickly determine that choice 1 is the only one that ends in "ane" and is therefore the correct answer.

Ethene is an alkene (double bond). Heptene is an alkene as well (double bond). Pentyne is an alkyne (triple bond).

P.S. Because the saturated hydrocarbons have all single bonds, the molecules pack really well together. Thus, saturated compounds are usually solid at room temperature, like butter. Unsaturated compounds, like olve oil, can't pack as well and are therefore, liquid at room temperature.

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