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What makes a good tutor?

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A great tutor is also your mentor, your cheerleader, your friend, and advisor.

At the end of the day, we love what we do because we believe we can change people's lives. We help make a student's dream of becoming a doctor come true. We increase students' confidence when he/she goes from failing to acing the class. We are there to fill in the gaps that the teachers or professors might have missed. We teach our students effective study strategies, how to handle test stress and not get overwhelmed. We show our students that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication.

We help pave the way for the future doctors, nurses, psychologists, engineers, lawyers, and teachers.

Here are the essential qualities that make a good tutor:

1. Care

This is rarely looked for, yet it is an incredibly important quality. A great tutor truly cares about his/her students. A caring tutor is dedicated to the students' success, and is empathetic to students' struggles. At Transformation Tutoring, that is one of the first qualities we look for during tutor interviews.

2. Knowledge

We believe that a good tutor has to be knowledgable in the subject area he/she teaches. Our tutors major in the subjects they teach, and graduate with honors from the colleges they attend. We often prepare for our lessons ahead of time and go over the student's material before the session.

3. Responsiveness

A great tutor is very responsive. Our students sometimes need last minute sessions, or urgent questions. We respond via text messages, calls and emails. Responsiveness, dedication, and care go hand in hand.

4. Experience

The best tutors are those who have been tutoring for at least half a year. As tutors teach for longer times, they learn how to best conduct their sessions and be most effective.

5. Asking questions

A great tutor has sessions that are very different from lectures. We believe in having a constant dialogue with the student. Asking questions is essential to making sure that the student really understands the material. We guide the student through the examples and then ask him/her to guide us through problems correcting them on the way. The purpose of tutoring is to enable our students to be able to solve problems with ease independently.

6. Making mistakes

A good tutor does not discourage students from making mistakes. Mistakes are an essential part of learning. We believe that making a mistake helps the student learn better. We also love when our students find their own mistakes.

Mayya Glushankova, founded Transformation Tutoring in 2013 with a passion for education and dedication to her students. We are so proud of our students becoming successful professionals and overcoming any obstacles in their way. For more information, or to schedule a session please call 646-407-9078. We tutor in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and online.


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